Infravider - We got your back!

Infravider is a business offering several services such as gameservers, web hosting, domains, and Teamspeak. We make high quality affordable. Your services are set-up within minutes and ready-to-go! Our custom made control panel allows you certain features which no one else does offer.

About Infravider

Infravider used to be called King Solutions. We run a hosting/IT-Solution business located in Germany. Our business was founded by Dominic (CEO) and Leo (CO-CEO). We met while playing games over the internet, and decided to pursue business in a field that we greatly enjoy.

We are gamers who work with our hearts. We understand what our customers want, and we do our best to provide that to them using the skills we have obtained. Also, we know that good quality does not have to come at an extreme cost, so we do our best to give our services at an affordable price that offers good value for money.

Why Choose Us

If you are not sure what hoster you should choose, check the features below to choose us!

High Performance
Our machines use the latest in server technology, such as AMD Ryzen, NVMe SSDs and DDR4 RAM.
Control Panel
Our control panel is customized to your requirements. It includes an Auto-Restart Planner, Crash-Detector, and more!
Our services are fully customizable. You can easily adjust the RAM, CPU power, or the amount of player slots.
Our data centers are located in great locations to guarantee the most fast and powerful connections.
Instant Set-Ups!
Your services are installed within 2-3 minutes after your payment was received. Order, pay & you are ready to go!
With Love
We support, produce, and develop with passion. We take our services seriously, because we love what we do.
Cloud CDN
Our services deliver data using a powerful cloud CDN, guaranteeing the best possible speed.
Quality Support
Our supporters are taught how to handle requests in a high-quality manner and an acceptable time-frame.