Infravider - We got your back!

Infravider is a business offering several high-quality services such as gameservers and voiceservers. All of our services are automatically set up within minutes after your order is finalized. We provide all our customers with a unique control panel built for our customers interest.

About Infravider

After meeting through mutual games, the founders of Infravider came to realize their shared passion for gaming and wished to expand this outward by issuing game-hosting services. Dominic Poppe (CEO) and Leo Hiljanen (CO-CEO) launched Infravider the 1st of May 2018. Now 10 months later Infravider hosts high-quality gameservers worldwide as well as voiceservers with much more to arrive in the future!

We are gamers who work with a passion. We understand what our customers want, and we do our best to provide that to them using the skills we have obtained. Also, we know that good quality does not have to come at an extreme cost, thus we offer our services at an affordable price that holds good value.

Why Choose Us

If you are not sure what hoster you should choose, check the features below to choose us!

High Performance
By running the latest technology such as AMD Ryzen, NVMe SSDs, and DDR4 RAM, we can guarantee our customer's satisfaction with our equipment.
Control Panel
Our control panel is customized to your requirements and optimized for all services we offer. It includes an Auto-Restart Planner, Crash-Detector, and more!
Our services are fully customizable and by that so called scalable. You can easily adjust the RAM, Disk Space and the number of player slots to your liking.
Our data centers are located in high-quality locations to guarantee the fastest and most powerful connections for your use. We keep your servers in safe hands.
Instant Set-Ups!
Your services are installed within 3 minutes after your order is finalized. Order, pay your service and you are ready to go! You are here to play, not to wait!
The Passion
We produce our services with admiration due to our love of games and the like. We do hope we can apply our best services with your investment into our services we offer.
Cloud CDN
Our services deliver data using a powerful and fast cloud CDN, guaranteeing the best possible speed. With this system you don't need to wait ages for installations.
Quality Support
Our customer-service is friendly and professional. We offer comfort and satisfaction with your requests that shall be answered in an acceptable time-frame.