Why choose us?

Cloud CDN

Our services deliver data using a powerful cloud CDN, guaranteeing the best possible speed.

Control Panel

Our control panel is customized to your requirements. It includes an Auto-Restart Planner, Crash-Detector, and more!


Our services are fully customizable. You can easily adjust the RAM, CPU power, or the amount of player slots depending on your needs.

Powerful Hardware

Our machines use the latest in server technology, such as AMD Ryzen, NVMe SSDs and DDR4 RAM.


Our data centers are located in great locations to guarantee the most fast and powerful connections.

Payment Methods

We accept almost all popular forms of payment. The options available are not limited to certain countries.

Quality Support

Our supporters are taught how to handle requests in a high-quality manner.

Instant Set-Ups!

Your services are installed within 2-3 minutes after your payment was received.

With Love

We support, produce, and develop with passion. We take our services seriously, because we love what we do.

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